A patio cover is a terrific way to add value to your home and enjoy the outdoors at the same time!

Isn’t it disappointing, stepping out onto your patio to relax and enjoy when you suddenly realize everything you touch is scorching hot! Far too hot to actually enjoy. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy your patio more often?
Maybe it’s time for a Patio Cover.


It seems few homeowners actually recognize the potential their backyard patio has. The fact is that old patio can easily be transformed into one of the highest return home-improvement investments on the market today.

The best news is that you’ll not only improve the value of your home overall, but you end up with a new,
multi-seasonal area to relax in and enjoy your home’s outdoor areas, as well.

There are many names out there for PatioRooms. Patio, sunroom, conservatory, patio enclosure, and solarium, are of course a few of the terms used by home builders to refer to a home addition that encloses your patio.
What ever you want to call it.. We can build it!

“Smart” Shading Systems

HomeStar is Proud to your local authorized dealer of
Solara Adjustable Patio Covers – The “Smart” Shading System –
Both a Patio Cover and a Pergola at the Same Time!



Solara’s smart patio cover system allows you to control the amount of sunlight or shade you want. The system can also be used for the garden, or as a gazebo for a hot tub or spa. This way you can enjoy the combination of the magnificent design, with the convenience of an adjustable cover.


Solara is a manufacturer of a unique patio cover. Patio covers are exposed to different weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, rain, and humidity.

Because Solara patio covers are made entirely out of aluminum, including the support systems, they are superior to wood, iron, steel, and metal covers. They will never rust, are not susceptible to termites, plus you will never have to paint them. Occasional cleaning with soapy water is all that is needed.

Another advantage that Solara offers on other products is the option to control the patio cover roof. When it’s raining, you can close it, keeping your outdoor patio furniture, spa or hot tub covered. When a warm winter sun comes out, you can open the top louvers using a remote control and let in up to 98% direct sunlight, exactly where you want it to reach. And, of course, when the summer sun is too strong, you can choose to let in as little light as you would like through the louvers, up to 100% shade while maintaining maximal ventilation. You can order a 3D layout of your patio cover of choice and you can also order a custom made patio cover, meeting your specific requirements with no obligations.

The Smart Shading system, by Solara, doubles as a roof and patio cover. Made entirely of aluminum, the louvers tilt open to a 130-degree angle and close to a 0-degree angle. The roof can also be divided into two separately controlled sections. The system may be installed on pre-existing frames or can be custom designed to a homeowner’s specific needs. A variety of colors are available.




SOLARA Adjustable Patio Cover Manufacturer’s Warranty


We are glad that you have purchased one of Solara’s smart shading systems, and we are confident that you will enjoy it for many years.  Solara provides you with this limited material warranty Subject to the limitations, exclusions and conditions set forth below;


Solara’s aluminum smart shading system is warranted to be free from defects in material and to be operating properly under conditions of normal wear, subject to the periods and conditions written in this warranty:


Limited Life time warranty – the posts, support beams and perforated beams that are supplied by Solara, are warranted for life time.


10 years limited warranty – the louvers are warranted for ten (10) years from the date of completed installation against a defect that would affect their intended performance as an effective shading system. You must keep the louver trough clean from dirt such as leaves, small rocks, branches, etc (by using a small groom or cloth) or the warranty could be voided.


5 years limited warranty – the manual opening system, pins, brackets, flashing, rods, springs and fiberglass components are warranted for five (5) years from the date of completed installation, subject to operating the manual opening system to full opening at least twice a month.


2 years limited warranty – the motor, battery and electric control are warranted for two (2) years from the date of completed installation, subject to the wires being hidden and to the electric control being installed under solid roof, in accordance with the relevant codes, and protected from water and other weather conditions, and subject to operating the motorized opening system to full opening at least twice a month.




Custom Colors

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers has an extensive assortment of colors so that you can pick your favorite color.

The wide variety of colors for the patio covers includes wood-like colors that can match the looks and color schemes of your house or garden.

For instance, colors can be combined as followed: the pillar and beams can be painted metallic and the roof in a desert crème.

Solara’s Standard Colors are as follows:




Solara Smart Shading Systems are an Eco-Friendly addition to any property.
Made from premium aluminum that can be recycled, the Solara smart shading system is an environmentally friendly option when choosing a patio cover, pergola or awning for your home or commercial space. The aluminum metal roofs or green roofs also require the least possible maintenance and can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.


The ability of Solara’s roof louvers to open and close allow the owner to preserve as much sunlight as the day has to offer. In turn, opening and closing the roof allows the owner to cut back on energy spending.


Watch electricity bills and energy dependency drop as you can add heat to your home or cool it with the addition of a Solara patio cover.



For More Information on Color Options, Solar Smart Shading Systems and Warranty See solara adjustable patio covers logo

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